Football vs Gustavus Adolphus Coaching Minor

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Why Study Coaching?

Interested in coaching? UW-River Falls offers a minor in coaching for students interested in coaching a variety of sports at all levels. The program provides a foundation of science-based courses, coaching theory courses and hands-on experience via a coaching practicum, all combining to prepare you for a coaching position at any level.

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Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of sport rules and regulations, training and practice methods and coaching theories, strategies and techniques.
  • Understand the scientific method and key scientific concepts as they related to exercise physiology, anatomy, conditioning, injuries and more.
  • Coach athletes at a variety of skill levels to perform at optimal levels.
  • Hone broadly applicable lifetime skills including leadership, judgement, facilitation, decision-making and interpersonal communication skills.


Types of Courses

  • Applied Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury
  • Coaching Practicum
  • Coaching Theory (Baseball/Softball, Football, Track, Ice Hockey, Volleyball, Track, Basketball)
  • Coaching Young Athletes
  • Motor Learning and Development
  • Psychology of Coaching
  • Scientific Principles of Conditioning
  • Weight Training

"I chose to minor in coaching and have been working as a student coach for the football program alongside my classes because I want to coach after graduation. Through my classes and my hands-on experience, I've learned how to organize practices, handle certain situations and understand how much work goes on, even in the off season. I have thoroughly enjoyed my minor classes because they translate so well to working as a coach with the team."

- Carson Madigan, exercise and sport science major, coaching minor 

Potential Careers

A minor in coaching is an excellent complement to many majors, especially education or exercise and sport science majors.  Depending on your interests and major, you may find work in a variety of roles, including:

  • Coach (Youth, Secondary, Collegiate, Amateur, Professional)
  • Recreation/Athletic Administration/Management
  • Sport Official
  • Teacher/Coach