Students making cheese at the dairy pilot plant

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Why Study Food Science and Technology?

The food science and technology field comprises the processing, preservation, evaluation and distribution of food. As a food science and technology major at UW-River Falls, you’ll gain a solid foundation in both food science (food chemistry, microbiology, processing, etc.) and the basic sciences (physics, chemistry, biochemistry, etc.) to prepare you for a career in the food science field.

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Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Apply science-based knowledge and principles of food science to food industry processes.
  • Adapt to changing consumer demands in the food and beverage industry.
  • Understand the intricacies of food processing and distribution systems, both locally and globally.
  • Communicate effectively to a variety of audiences using valid and industry-specific information.
  • Evaluate and interpret scientific data.


Types of Courses

  • Ag Human Resource Management
  • Dairy Manufacturing
  • Food Bioprocess Technology
  • Food Ingredient & Analysis
  • Food Law and Regulation
  • Food Processing
  • Food Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Meat Product Processing
  • Product Development & Sensory Evaluation

“My favorite course was Product Development because we were able to learn about the process of creating a new food product and then take what we had learned and actually create the product in the lab. The hands-on learning through this semester-long project was really valuable as we learned how different ingredients affected the product by using sensory evaluation techniques we had been introduced to in class.”

– Faith Buhrandt, food science and technology major

4-Year Plan

Potential Careers

With a degree in food science and technology, you’ll be prepared for a wide variety of future roles including:

  • Food Process Engineer or Food Technologist
  • Food Science Quality Manager
  • Food Scientist or Research and Development Scientist
  • Grain Refinery Operator
  • Product Developer
  • Sanitation Supervisor or Manager