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Pre-Professional Programs

Dream of being a doctor? Veterinarian? How about a lawyer? UWRF has a variety of pre-professional programs built for students who will eventually transfer to professional schools and colleges. These programs are designed to help students fulfill general education and pre-professional courses needed for their eventual professional school or college.

We also offer several affiliation agreements with external colleges. The affiliated schools provide academic credit to students who transfer into their programs from UWRF. In most cases, students begin their academic careers here at UWRF and then received a B.S. from UWRF following one year of study at the affiliated school.*

*Since pre-professional requirements vary, programs are suggested curricula only and students and their advisers must carefully understand the catalog requirements of the institution they intend to transfer to and make any necessary course adjustments. Details must be confirmed by you and your adviser and approved by the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in advance. Contact the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office to receive a list of pre-professional program advisers.

Let us help you find your future path! Explore all our pre-professional offerings below.


A broad field with a host of focus areas ranging from aerospace engineering to mechanical engineering, engineering is an in-demand field with exciting career prospects.  

As a pre-engineering student at UWRF, you’ll typically complete two years of physics, math, engineering and chemistry courses at UWRF. Following those two years, you’ll apply and transfer to an engineering university of your choice. Most students are able to earn an engineering degree in a total of four years.

Learn more about the program and degree requirements.


UWRF offers a pre-professional route for students interested in attending law school after earning a bachelor’s degree. Most law schools don’t require a particular course of study for admittance into their programs, however, pursuing pre-law is a strong signal of a career aspiration rather than a specific academic major.

Political science, criminology, international studies and English are popular majors for students planning to attend law school. UWRF offers pre-law advising for interested students, with advisers who will assist you in course selection and work closely with you as you apply to law school.

Learn more about our Pre-Law Program.


Interested in pursuing a career in the health professions? UWRF offers several pre-professional programs designed for students planning to enter the health field. Our Biology Department offers a biomedical track, allowing students to earn a Bachelor of Science in biology while preparing for licensure and certifications in various health professions, while Exercise and Sport Science also offers options for occupational and physical therapy. We have also developed several affiliation agreements with colleges that provide academic credits to UWRF students who transfer into their programs. In most cases, you’ll spend three years at UWRF, transfer to an affiliated school and then receive a B.S. from UWRF after one year of study at the affiliated school. You will later earn licensure or certification in your chosen health profession from the affiliated school.

Our pre-professional health programs include:


Do you want to become a veterinarian someday? Our Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program is designed to help you meet the requirements for admission into a school or college of veterinary medicine. Most pre-vet students are animal science, dairy science, biology or chemistry majors, as many courses in those majors overlap with pre-vet program requirements. Other majors, however, are also possible.

Learn more about our pre-veterinary program requirements.

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