Placement Testing

All incoming students are required to take the UW System Placement Tests for English and math to help ensure enrollment into the proper courses. (You'll register for courses during your summer Orientation program!) You may also submit official Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) scores or official college transcripts with qualifying English or math transfer credits that may exempt you from needing to take placement tests. If official test scores or transfer credits won't be available before June Orientation dates, we recommend that you complete a placement test. Please use this form to find out which placement tests you should complete.

The UW System Placement Tests are a required step in your enrollment at UWRF. These test your abilities in math, English and if needed, world language. As your adviser assists you in registering for courses during Orientation, they rely on your test scores to place you in the appropriate course level. Placement test results are needed for you to register for math and English courses.

It's in your best interest to take the exams using no outside resources beyond what is indicated in the exams themselves. Again, these scores are what will be used to place you in the best course for your academic success. If you get a higher score using unsanctioned assistance, you'll be placed in a course that may be too difficult or challenging for you. We're interested in helping you achieve academic success for your future, so scoring accurately, rather than higher, is most beneficial.

UW System Placement Tests will be offered in a hybrid format to ensure accessibility for everyone if students are unable to attend an in-person math testing date. English and world language tests are being offered online only and students can take them on their own time prior to Orientation via Scantron testing link that will be emailed after completing the registration form on the UW System website.

It's preferred that students complete their math placement tests at an in-person, proctored site through one of the Regional Testing Dates. These dates will be published in mid-March and are available at If you're unable to attend one of the in-person testing dates, you'll be able to register to take your math placement test online (unproctored), similar to how you'll take the English and/or world language placement tests.

You'll want to take your placement tests as early as you can once registration is live. This ensures that we have your scores on file and prepared for your adviser during your selected Orientation date in June. There will be in-person testing dates (math only) that you'll be able to select on the UW System registration form once the form is available mid-March. You'll receive the links to take the English and/or world language tests online during this registration process as well and those tests should be taken as soon as you are able to complete them. 

Please use this form to find out which placement tests you should complete.

Placement Testing Dates

Please click here to register for UW System placement tests.