Transferring from a Wisconsin College

Interested in transferring to UWRF from a Wisconsin college? Explore below for information designed to create a seamless transition.

What's Transferology?

Transferology is an online tool you can use to view course equivalencies, see program requirements, enter and store coursework and even request an evaluation of transfer work against a program.

Visit Transfer Wisconsin to learn more about how courses transfer within the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College and Tribal College systems.


Transferring with an Associate Degree

Associates of Arts (AA) degrees or Liberal Arts - Associate of Science from Wisconsin will grant a waiver of University Requirements AND General Education requirements. Specific degree, licensure and prerequisite requirements still must be completed with individual courses. AA degrees from other states are reviewed individually to see if they qualify for a similar waiver.

Technical classes and technical degrees are reviewed by faculty advisers for course-by-course transfer.

Transfer Guides

We've compiled some commonly used transfer guides to help make the process easier.

Articulation Agreements

UWRF has many articulation agreements with other colleges to provide opportunities for a more seamless transfer! View our articulation agreements here.