Emmy Award Winning NFL Films location and sound technician Ryan Stridde presenting to students

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Why Study Stage and Screen Arts?

An integrated experience that spans disciplines, UWRF's stage and screen arts major provides students with the skills to tell compelling stories and foster human connections. Effective collaborators, our graduates tell powerful stories and contribute to the creation of a variety of artistic productions.

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Skills and Learning Outcomes

  • Develop fundamental collaboration skills and understand the complex principles of effective collaboration with other artists.
  • Effectively communicate using oral, written, aural and visual methods to develop, create and perform compelling stories.
  • Apply appropriate tools, techniques and methods to produce artistic products.
  • Use and incorporate critical analysis skills and creative or scholarly research into your work.
  • Perform, produce and present creative, engaging, and meaningful material that tells a compelling story.


Types of Courses

  • Acting for Stage and Screen
  • Costume/Makeup for Stage and Screen
  • Documentary Production
  • Electronic Media Copywriting
  • History of Film
  • Improvisation and Devising for Stage and Screen
  • Introduction to Storytelling
  • Theatre for Youth
  • Screenwriting

“I was provided with opportunities to get to know my peers and professors personally, creating relationships that I know will last beyond my time in the classroom. Whether through intimate class sizes, extracurricular film projects or clubs or office hour chats, I was fortunate to belong to an incredibly supportive academic community.”

- Hannah Robb, stage and screen arts, communications studies major

Potential Careers

As a graduate of UWRF’s stage and screen arts program, you’ll be prepared for a wide variety of roles, including:

  • Actor or Performer
  • Box Office Manager or Marketing Director
  • Camera Operator or Runner
  • Director, Stage or Floor Manager
  • Film Editor
  • Lighting Director or Sound Designer
  • Playwright, Screenwriter or Scriptwriter/Researcher
  • Production Coordinator or Assistant